November 09,2016
Let's just learn to play a fair ball game.

Today has been a difficult day for me. Why you ask? I was not happy with the outcome of the US election. So, why do I, a Canadian citizen, care about the outcome of the US election? Do I care whether they choose public or private healthcare? No, it’s none of my business what the US citizens choose about their healthcare. Do I care about their tax structure? No, it’s none of my business how the citizens of the US choose what they prefer regarding taxes. Do I care about how and where they choose to build their roads and bridges and other infrastructure or how they manage their banks? It’s really their choice since they will pay for it. Do I care about the personalities of the candidates? Not really…it’s subjective….we all have our preferences. It’s their election to choose what is right for their country.

Here’s what I do care about because it affects all people of our shared community, the planet earth. I care that all people and animals and the planet, need to be cared for. I care that all people and all races, religions, all genders and all sexual orientations, and all ages have rights and are treated equally and fairly and free from discrimination, and this is an issue for citizens of the world. I care that we have a free world that is free of fascism, Nazism, racism where all people have the opportunity to be called to their higher purpose and to be free of fear and surrounded by love.

I care that women can walk freely without fear of sexual assault from men who are more powerful (and vice versa). I care that women can make decisions about their own bodies. I care that women have equal rights to men for equality, pay and opportunity.

I care that people have the freedom to practice their cultures, religions and languages. What I believe most of all is that we are all God’s children, whether we have chosen to honour the God of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or any of the many other religions that exist in our world. I care that we all have the right to that freedom and that we don’t judge that ours is more right than anyone else’s.

I care that we all treat each other with kindness and civility and respect.

I care that we all work together on this planet to live in peace and harmony. I care that people of all the world have the right to a fair and democratic election that is not smeared with sexism, racism, media bias, partisan bias, or institutional or foreign interventions that affect the fair and democratic outcomes of elections.

I care that the media reports the news and doesn’t decide the news. I care that the media treats all candidates equally and fairly. Does the media have the right to prioritize and try the supposed “crimes” of the candidates? Do making an information processing error, or believing your husband constitute a more serious crime than rape? Sexual assault? Fraud? Tax evasion? I care that one candidate doesn't find another guilty of a crime without due process in a court of law. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so why are the media and the FBI trying crimes through innuendo and in the courts of public opinion instead of the courts of law?

Shame on you, United States for claiming to be the “greatest country in the world,” and not being able to choose these basic human rights and conditions. If the United States is the greatest country in the world, as you claim, then you have failed to set an example for the rest of the world.

I say, God (whichever one you believe in) bless America and the planet. Let us pray for an outcome of love and kindness and civility that will surround our planet and make us whole. Let us return to kindness and civility. Let us love our neighbours as ourselves.

Now I know that all countries have their problems, mine included. And, we can all review what we care about and we can all take steps to make these human rights worldwide …. And we must each look to ourselves and ask what each of us can do to make the world a better place….every one of us can do something every day that makes a difference, whether it is rescuing an animal in need, or giving a sad or lonely person a smile, or giving a small donation to a good cause…..

Let us place principles above personalities and work together wherever we are to uphold honesty, kindness, love, humility, grace and ethical behaviour everywhere on our planet. Let's just learn to play a fair ball game.

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